Getting_A_Cast_On_His_ArmWorkers’ Compensation Urine Drug Testing for Medication Monitoring

Helping clinicians to improve the outcomes of claims.

Up to 86% of worker’s compensation claimants receive some form of an opioid for pain management. Workers’ comp Medication monitoring will give vital information to the clinicians that prescribe the opioids, and other controlled substances for the treatment of an injured worker. Paradigm UDT delivers drug specific results and information that supports improved clinical decision making that is based on objective results.

Paradigm UDT can help physicians to:
• Identify the recent use of prescription, non prescribed medications as well as illicit substances
• Monitor and support choices about medication therapy, especially controlled substances
• Advocate for, and communicate with patients about personal treatment plans
• Detect medications that may result in any drug interaction
• Identify any possible medication or illicit drug abuse, diversion, or misuse

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