Paradigm has created leading methods that will provide the most reliable and fastest urine test results in the nation. Our test results are delivered within 48-72hrs from when we receive the specimen. Unlike other industry peers, Paradigm provides clinical professionals with a choice:

• Single quantitative test using LC-MS/MS
• Individual test selection instead of a preset panel

Paradigm uses liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry or LC-MS/MS for testing. The high sensitivity of an LC-MS/MS instrument allows for nanogram sensitivity levels from just a couple microliter of urine. The need for a specimen retest is due to an insufficient quality is basically eliminated.

Additional benefits of using LC-MS/MS

• High Sensitivity: allows for testing at a lower cutoff level for a better detection rate
• High Accuracy: is less susceptible to a false positive or negative result
• High Specificity: identifies individual metabolites and drugs versus the drug class only