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Paradigm Laboratories provides toxicology testing to identify the presence of chemicals, drugs, or toxins with rapid, accurate, and confidential results and delivery methods for physicians, medical practices, and hospitals. Toxicology testing available at Paradigm includes pre and post-employment drug testing and screenings for safe and reliable workplace testing solutions. Toxicology testing is common in areas of new employment, new educational spaces, for legal purposes, as well as in substance abuse recovery programs. Paradigm offers toxicology testing that can screen for amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, opiates, phencyclidine, and other banned drugs. Other testing includes general toxicology, metals testing, and prescription drug monitoring. 

Toxicology testing involves specimen collection of blood or urine that is safely transported to our labs for processing. All lab reports are delivered via our secure electronic portal to our network of MDs and PhDs. Paradigm Laboratories are state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities with clinical expertise in the screening of drug classes and confirmation of positive results. Physicians can depend on Paradigm Laboratories for accurate and reliable testing capacity and information to help improve the health of their patients. 

Paradigm Laboratories provides scientifically rigorous instructions on specimen collection and handling to ensure quality testing processes from specimen collection through testing completion. Paradigm focuses on quality assurance in tandem with accurate testing processes. Paradigm also partners with physicians on a prescription drug management program to help build awareness for patients with drug-seeking behaviors with a clear process for managing prescriptions of controlled substances in your practice. Paradigm offers objective laboratory testing as part of the patient monitoring process in order to help physicians identify any potential misuse of controlled medications as early as possible. Paradigm supports physicians in protecting your practice and protecting your community. 


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