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Paradigm Laboratories is proud to offer free COVID-19 testing in partnership with the Arizona Department of Health Services and local counties across Arizona. No insurance is required in order to participate in free COVID-19 testing thanks to our partnerships with Arizona Department of Health Services and Pima County, Santa Cruz County, and Maricopa County. These partnerships allow Paradigm to offer free COVID-19 testing at fixed location services across multiple counties and on-demand mobile services with Paradigm Site Services. 

In order to help address the need for increased diagnostic testing and laboratory processing across the state of Arizona, Paradigm has partnered with local counties to help ease the burden on health care providers, hospitals, and frontline workers. Paradigm is able to provide significant improvements to diagnostic laboratory capacity in multiple counties across Arizona to offer testing with 24–48-hour turnaround times. Ethan Sasz, founder and president of Paradigm Laboratories, identified a need for additional testing in his local Arizona community and expanded testing operations to address the growing needs and challenges of COVID-19. 

Paradigm initially partnered with Pima County Health Department in April of 2020 to provide comprehensive testing for COVID-19 at fixed site locations as well as mobile testing services with Rapid Response Teams. These testing services included patient registration, appointment management, and collection of samples. Then test samples were transported to local Paradigm labs for testing and processing. Paradigm was then able to report testing results within 24-48 hours. 

On July 1 of 2020, Paradigm partnered with Santa Cruz Health Services Agency under the emergency procurement authority to provide comprehensive testing services for COVID-19 in the form of test kits. Paradigm developed test kits, coordinated the transport of specimens, and was able to provide results within 24 hours. In September of 2020, Paradigm expanded its operations into Pinal County in partnership with the Pinal County Public Health Department to provide COVID-19 testing services at fixed testing sites and followed all CDC guidelines and standards for specimen collection and processing. 

In October of 2020, Paradigm and Arizona Department of Health Services partnered to use FDA-approved collection kits for Maricopa and Pima counties to provide laboratory testing, processing of samples and specimens, data collection and reporting, and notification of test results. Paradigm further expanded partnerships in December of 2020 to include Maricopa County’s Public Health Department to provide in-person COVID-19 testing for the community with fixed location and mobile site testing across the county. 


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