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Paradigm Laboratories offers infectious disease testing through our state-of-the-art laboratories and adheres to all regulatory standards and processes. Paradigm Laboratories has developed processes for comprehensive specimen collection and testing capabilities through reporting. Infectious disease testing generally involves fluid tests that identify specific antibodies developed by the immune system to fight foreign substances. Our screening and testing options help detect dangerous pathogens, resistant organisms, as well as newly-emerging strains through our innovative testing capabilities. Hospitals, physicians, and patients all benefit from infectious testing as the first step in understanding being able to properly address an infectious disease. 

Paradigm Laboratories offers infectious disease testing for seasonal influenza, commonly known as the flu. Seasonal influenza, or the flu, is caused by two specific viruses called influenza A and influenza B and is most common from October to March of each year. At Paradigm Laboratories, we offer testing for seasonal influenza via a nasopharyngeal swab and provide fast and accurate results so you can begin medical treatment as soon as possible, which may help lessen the severity and duration of your flu symptoms. 

At Paradigm, we offer infectious disease tests for Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Testing involves antibody testing and viral load testing. The Hepatitis B surface antigen test detects the presence of the surface antigen for the hepatitis B virus in the blood to determine whether you are currently infected with the virus. The hepatitis B core antibody test identifies whether you have been previously infected. The hepatitis B surface antibody test detects whether or not the virus has been cleared from the system after infection or is now immune to future hepatitis B infections due to vaccination. Hepatitis C testing identifies high liver enzymes indicative of the virus and also looks for antibodies the body has developed in response to the virus. Paradigm Laboratories also provides testing for HIV-1 and HIV-1/2. 


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