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Paradigm Laboratories is a locally-owned small business in Arizona that has provided molecular laboratory testing and uses a scientifically rigorous methodology in all approaches to specimen collection and testing. In April 2020, Paradigm identified a need for more safe, effective, and accurate testing in the community and pivoted work and resources to address this public health crisis. Testing for COVID-19 was difficult to access and came with long turnaround times at first, and Paradigm was able to help bridge that gap in Arizona communities by providing fast and accurate testing across multiple counties. Paradigm established a goal of providing test results within 24-48 hours so community members could get the information they needed and help protect their families and communities. 

Paradigm partnered with Pima County and Pima County Health Department to help better identify and address community spread of COVID-19. Using CDC guidelines, as well as state and local guidelines, Paradigm developed a respectable COVID-19 testing regimen for specimen collection and laboratory testing services. This partnership extended into other counties across Arizona, including Maricopa County, Pinal County, and Santa Cruz County. In addition to safe and effective COVID-19 testing, Paradigm was able to provide staffing and personal protective equipment in tandem with laboratory processing capacity to serve these communities in a timely manner. 

Creative and innovative testing processes with Paradigm has made possible these seamless COVID-19 testing services across multiple counties and for a variety of community and company needs. With a history of infectious disease, serology, and upper respiratory testing, Paradigm was uniquely qualified to manage a transition to COVID-19 testing. Paradigm offers both rapid COVID-19 tests and PCR COVID-19 tests to help address a wide variety of community needs and help stop transmission of the virus. Paradigm is committed to providing highly reliable and highly sensitive testing practices that help ensure fast and accurate results.


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