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COVID-19 Testing

Paradigm Laboratories provides efficient and effective COVID-19 testing in a wide variety of locations across Arizona. We provide COVID-19 testing in fixed locations as well as mobile, on-site testing for the convenience of Arizona companies and communities. Paradigm Laboratories takes care of the entire COVID-19 testing process from start to finish: we provide COVID-19 site testing and also process and analyze each test at our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. 

COVID-19 testing with Paradigm is free to all who participate and no insurance is required. We have partnered with several local Arizona counties and the Arizona Department of Health Services to provide this service to individuals, companies, and communities in need of safe and professional COVID-19 testing. The testing process with Paradigm is designed to take less than 15 minutes and is managed by trained, qualified professionals. 

Paradigm Laboratories has partnered with the Arizona Department of Health and multiple local county health services to expand COVID-19 testing capacity across Arizona. Paradigm has developed a model for testing with both fixed sites and mobile testing opportunities to help meet testing goals across the state by providing comprehensive COVID-19 testing services. All tests at Paradigm locations will be handled with appropriate precautions according to CDC guidelines and specimens will be processed locally at Paradigm Laboratories. 

The communities and counties of Arizona can depend on Paradigm Laboratories to provide rigorous standards for specimen collection as well as a hardworking staff who will safely guide each person through the testing process with comfort and ease. Paradigm partnered with Arizona Department of Health Services and established contracts with Maricopa County, Pinal County, and Santa Cruz County to bring high-standard COVID-19 testing to their areas. Paradigm Laboratories is a veteran-owned small business local to Arizona with the intention of providing scientifically grounded testing for all companies and community members. 

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