Mission, Vision & Values

Paradigm Laboratories

Paradigm’s mission is to provide comprehensive testing for COVID-19 to communities across the state of Arizona in fixed site locations and on-demand mobile testing to address the demand for expanded testing and to help keep our communities safe. 

Paradigm Laboratories responded to the COVID-19 crisis in April of 2020 by transitioning its state-of-the-art laboratories and testing capabilities to address COVID-19 with scientifically proven testing strategies. Paradigm is able to offer free COVID-19 testing services across multiple counties in the state of Arizona through collaboration with Arizona Department of Health Services, Pima County Health Department, Pinal County Health Department, Santa Cruz Health Services Agency, and Maricopa County Public Health Department. 

At Paradigm, we are committed to six core principles that drive our testing services: efficiency, efficacy, quality, safety, sustainability, and satisfaction. We aim to achieve maximum laboratory productivity and better diagnoses and are always committed to improving our clinical outcomes. Paradigm Laboratories uses the highest quality testing materials and technologies in order to provide reliable and safe test results. Safety in the testing process is a key component for both our laboratory staff, testing staff, and community members participating in COVID-19 testing. We have a strong commitment to sustainability and maximizing our testing capacity with minimal wasted effort or resources. The goal and focus of each principle is to meet and exceed the expectations of all involved. 

Six Core Principles at Paradigm







We value strong relationships and community-building efforts across multiple counties in the state of Arizona in order to provide free, safe, and reliable COVID-19 testing to companies, hospitals, schools, and community members. Paradigm provides comprehensive testing services with easy access and convenience for anyone seeking a COVID-19 test. We are committed to providing the highest standards of excellence in our testing and laboratory services. Paradigm has robust procedures in place to address the integrity of handling testing specimens from site to lab to results. At Paradigm, we are proud to partner with various Arizona state and county health and safety departments to provide widespread COVID-19 testing for the duration of the pandemic.