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Paradigm Laboratories provides comprehensive testing solutions for hospitals, physicians, and laboratories across the state of Arizona. Paradigm not only provides testing services like infectious disease testing, toxicology testing, and serology testing, but also partners with companies and organizations to develop better testing practices, policies, and strategies so you can make well-informed decisions in your everyday healthcare practices. The quality Paradigm process starts with specimen collection standards and ends with high-level security and compliance in delivering protected health information and testing results. 

Common laboratory services offered with Paradigm include urine drug testing, pharmacogenomic testing, respiratory pathogen panel, and gastrointestinal panel. Our testing services are designed with modern technologies and solutions in mind in order to provide physicians and hospitals with maximum laboratory productivity and strong, efficacious diagnoses. Urine drug testing with Paradigm Laboratories is developed for a variety of contexts, including pain management and addiction treatment. Urine drug testing can support pain management through medication monitoring so physicians can identify treatment options that are safe and effective for each patient. This type of testing can also help identify and even prevent drug dependence and abuse. Primary care providers, obstetricians, and gynecologists can use urine drug testing for medication management and detecting medications with potential drug interactions, as well as identifying and possible misuse or abuse of medication or illicit drugs. Mental health providers may also rely on Paradigm’s urine drug testing solutions as a vital assessment tool in identifying recent use of prescription or illicit substances and monitoring medication therapy. 

Paradigm Laboratories provides on-site solutions in a variety of hospital and organizational contexts that will allow for a credentialed employee of Paradigm Laboratories to address the entire testing process, including specimen collection, testing process, and sample shipment and delivery. Paradigm has developed processes to address the entire testing process from start to finish, including on-site testing and processing of all materials at our full-service, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities across Arizona. Our model for testing involves comprehensive testing services and solutions with testing capabilities that have now extended into COVID-19 testing for state, county, and local community partnerships across Arizona.


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