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Paradigm offers comprehensive testing solutions in our state-of-the-art laboratories across the state of Arizona. Local companies, businesses, and organizations depend on our testing services and comprehensive analysis of test results. Paradigm is committed to six core principles that guide our mission in providing quality testing solutions: efficiency, efficacy, quality, safety, sustainability, and satisfaction. Our goal is to provide maximum laboratory productivity with quality testing materials and technologies that deliver safe, reliable, and accurate diagnoses. 

Paradigm Laboratories offers pre-employment and post-employment toxicology testing for various companies and organizations across Arizona. Preventative testing services allow employers to develop an onboarding process that determines whether prospective hires use illicit substances. Pre-employment toxicology testing is also common for employees returning to work after extended absences or medical leave. Paradigm provides pre-employment drug testing and consultations on development for company-wide drug-testing policies to help ensure a safe workplace and workforce. 

Pre-employment drug testing is one of the most common types of toxicology testing requested by Paradigm enterprise partners. However, post-employment toxicology testing may also be recommended for existing employees after job-site accidents, for reasonable suspicion, or through random drug screens through company policy. Paradigm can partner with companies and organizations to develop a clear drug and alcohol testing policy and program that is effective and compliant with all state and local regulations. 

Paradigm partners with companies and organizations that provide testing services and are looking to enhance testing capabilities and data management tools for providing accurate and secure results with physicians and patients. At Paradigm, we understanding the importance of laboratory-based testing services that help both employer and employee attain success. Improving company-wide testing policies and procedures can help improve employee health and safety while also reducing associated costs and risks for employer-funded healthcare opportunities. Learn more about how incorporating toxicology testing into your workplace can provide a high return on investment and a healthier, safer workplace. 


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