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Paradigm offers COVID-19 testing for a wide group of people and groups across Arizona so you can rely on accurate and easily accessible testing. As companies transition their practices to incorporate COVID-19 safety protocols and ensure a safe workplace, Paradigm provides COVID-19 testing options for companies and businesses to rely on for all their employees. Regular testing can help decrease the risk of virus transmission in high-traffic areas like break rooms, meeting spaces, and warehouses. Regular COVID-19 screening and testing at the enterprise level helps companies and businesses support their employees’ health and better manage the risk. 

COVID-19 testing is imperative for communities, including spaces with time-sensitive needs like airports and travel destinations. Paradigm offers free testing opportunities in partnership with various counties across Arizona that anyone can sign up for in anticipation of travel. There are many rules and restrictions about travel requirements and COVID-19 testing, so be sure to review the policies in place depending on your destination. Paradigm is proud to provide community members with COVID-19 testing that is scientifically sound and effective to help meet the requirements for a variety of spaces and places. 

Paradigm has also partnered with local educational spaces, including K-12 schools and Arizona colleges and universities. In order to best serve students and educators, Paradigm offers both rapid tests and PCR tests to address various needs. Paradigm recommends students and educators get tested whether they are symptomatic or asymptomatic in order to help mitigate transmission of the virus. Those who are asymptomatic, meaning they have contracted the COVID-19 virus but aren’t showing any symptoms, can unknowingly pass the virus on to others in their community. Regular COVID-19 testing in schools can help identify asymptomatic individuals and make contact tracing more effective. 

Nursing home and long-term care residents are at high risk for COVID-19 infection, so regular COVID-19 testing is imperative in these spaces. Paradigm provides COVID-19 testing services to help detect current infections and provide these spaces with pertinent information to help prevent and control the spread of COVID-19. Care workers are committed to preventing COVID-19 from entering these spaces and detecting any cases as soon as possible. Care workers and medical professionals also rely on regular COVID-19 testing so they can continue to serve our communities. Paradigm is proud to provide our frontline workers and heroes with safe and effective COVID-19 testing during this difficult time. 


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