Paradigm Laboratories

Paradigm Laboratories is a veteran-owned small business local to Tucson, Arizona. We have expanded our efforts to provide testing services and capabilities to various counties and communities across the state. We utilize a scientifically rigorous methodology for all forms of testing, including infectious disease testing, toxicology testing, serology testing, and our most recent developments and partnerships with COVID-19 testing services. 

Our full-service, state-of-the-art laboratory utilizes the best technologies in the business to provide accurate test results. We continue to improve our safety standards for laboratory staff and focus on sustainability in order to maximize productivity with marginal wasted effort or expense. Our team of laboratory technicians exceeds standard experience and educational requirements for their fields. Paradigm Laboratories employs technical supervisory team members, a dedicated manager, and a doctoral-level laboratory director with successful leadership efforts in all laboratory and testing procedures and services. 

Contact us to learn more about opportunities in this developing field as we work to meet the needs and demands of our local, county, and state testing demands. 

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We aim to hire the most experienced and highly qualified applicants for each position within our company, and our commitment to customer experience and maintaining the highest standards are our driving force behind our growth. If you’re interested in seeking employment with Paradigm Laboratories, contact regarding current openings and possible employment opportunities.