At Paradigm Laboratories, our mission is to provide physicians accurate information that improve the health of their patients and excellent COVID-19 staff testing services to companies and organizations.

Service: We understand the bond the physician has with their patients and we strive to be an extension of that exceptional care. We also understand the need for prompt COVID-19 staff testing services and work to make our testing methods more and more efficient.
On-Site Solutions: Paradigm Laboratories is prepared to offer an onsite solutions program, which provides your practice with a dedicated, credentialed Paradigm Laboratories employee to collect, process, and ship samples.

A Prescription Drug Management Program and Why it’s Important:

Protect Your Practice:
Create a level of awareness of patients with drug-seeking behaviors and potential diverters entering your practice. Develop a clear process to manage prescribed controlled medications for your patients. Include objective laboratory testing to help document your patient monitoring process. Protect Your Patients: Identify potential misuse as early as possible, even before prescribing controlled medications. Document all prescribed medications currently being taken by the patient – including non-prescribed and illicit drugs – so you can recognize potentially dangerous combinations. Document monitoring and laboratory results to maintain legitimate access to controlled medications for patients in need. Protect Your Community: Prescribe only what patients need and use, to help minimize the amount of “unused” drugs in medicine cabinets.

The Significance of Effective COVID-19 Testing

We understand that efficient coronavirus testing is essential not only for the operation of different organizations but also the health and wellness of our fellow citizens. This is why Paradigm Laboratories seeks to provide fast and effective COVID-19 staff testing to all companies and organizations in need of such services. We’ve streamlined our quantitative polymerase chain reaction procedure to make sure that we can deliver results in 24 to 48 hours. This allows organizations to promptly find compromised individuals and trace close contacts more successfully.

Ethan C. Sasz, CEO | COVID-19 Staff Testing

Ethan C. Sasz, CEO

Ethan oversees the team as the Founder/CEO of Paradigm Companies. With his leadership comes an in depth medical related background to effectively manage multiple medical practices. His strengths include conceptual and technical expertise of contract performance and developing best practices for creating and maintaining efficient office and patient flows, enhancing revenues through the use of billing and clinical documentation software in addition to the execution of unique strategies within physician work environments.

Ethan has an extensive background in sales, management, national business development, marketing, strategic planning with a keen focus and mission of growing and maintaining business and personal relationships. Ethan comes well equipped to manage the challenges of navigating the rapidly changing current medical environment and provides growth through strong staff leadership and the proven ability to obtain desired results. Ethan possesses a strong entrepreneurial spirit with the drive to over achieve.

David Johnson, Senior VP

Wenli Zhou, Laboratory Director

Shannon McGrath, MSN, NP-C | COVID-19 Staff Testing

Shannon McGrath, MSN, NP-C

Shannon L McGrath is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and has been practicing since 2000. A native of Southern California, Shannon received her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry & Cell Biology from the University of California, San Diego and went on to graduate with honors from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee where she received her Master’s of Science in Nursing. Shannon’s is passionate about her role as an NP….providing direct patient care with compassion, professionalism and extensive expertise. Her wealth of nursing knowledge and her relentless motivation contributes to her vast clinical skills as well as contributes to her ability to efficiently collaborate with physicians and other medical providers. Shannon loves all that a beautiful Southern Arizona lifestyle has provided and splits her time between Tucson and Chandler.

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